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Winter is here! Is your garage door ready? Winterizing your garage door now can reduce energy costs, protect your garage door from damage and help you stay more comfortable this winter.

Without being properly winterized, garage doors allow cold air and moisture to pour inside unimpeded. The seals or weather-stripping around the edges of your garage door should be checked before the coldest weather sets in. Insulation degrades over time, and things like garage door seals and weather-stripping lose their ability to keep out cold air and moisture. An unprotected garage door is also a point of entrance for insects and other pests.

For a limited time, Acorn Overhead Door Company is offering special pricing on a preventive maintenance service call to its’ valued customers.

$125 for one door, $50 each additional door. Service includes:

• Lubricate garage door & opener
• Align and adjust garage door
• Balance springs
• Review of weather stripping and seals

If additional labor or parts are required the door technician will gladly provide an estimate of the cost. The additional labor will not be performed and parts will not be installed without your approval. This offer is good through January 30, 2016. Call us at 508-378-0441 to schedule an appointment today!

Tina Metzler


Owner, Acorn Overhead Door Co.