February 12 2017 0Comment

Can snow affect my garage door opener?

photo eyes

Your garage door opener’s photo eyes throw an invisible beam so that if anything crosses their path when the door is traveling in the down position, a signal will be sent to the opener to make the door reverse. This is an important safety feature designed to protect people, pets and objects from being crushed or harmed if in the path of a closing garage door.

When you’re clearing snow this winter be careful not to bump the sensors with your snow shovel or snow blower. Knocking them out of alignment will cause your opener to malfucntion. If they are bumped hard enough there could also be broken wires. Also, be sure to keep snow from blocking the sensors.

If your garage door won’t close when you push the button on the wall station it is often the photo eyes that require repair or adjustment. Make sure they’re clean, aligned, and not blocked by any obstruction, even snow. If the door still won’t close properly a service call is the next step. Give us a call.

Tina Metzler


Owner, Acorn Overhead Door Co.