Models 800 ADV & 800C ADV

Wayne Dalton’s Models 800 and 800C ADV (Advanced Performance) rolling doors are three times faster than a standard rolling steel door.  This high cycle door provides speed in operation as well as lasting durability to make it your top choice for an Advanced Performance door option.
The ADV system is built for enhanced productivity with less maintenance required. Our innovative springless design means there are no springs to replace, and the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system operates on a soft start/stop to help prevent wear and tear on the system. The direct-drive, heavy-duty gear box motor assembly requires minimum maintenance unlike conventional chain and sprocket systems. An LCD plain text readout on the control panel allows for advanced diagnostics with fast and easy set up and trouble shooting.  We’ve designed the ADV system with safety in mind. Doors come standard with enhanced safety devices such as a built-in braking mechanism, wireless sensing edge and photo eyes.
Ideal applications are high cycle or high traffic areas, such as parking garages, auto dealerships, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and airports.

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