ThermoMark Model 5155 & 5255

ThermoMark™ Models 5155 and 5255 insulated commercial sectional doors are extremely rugged and durable, with excellent thermal insulation qualities. For commercial projects that require a door with strength, insulation and an overall solid performance, these doors are the ideal choice.
Featuring CFC and HCFC-free polyurethane foam insulation, Models 5155 and 5255 are available with two different levels of thermal performance. The ThermoMark™ 5255 is rated with a U-value* of .0616 (R-value* of 16.22), while the ThermoMark™ 5155 has a U-value of .0825 (R-value* of 12.12).
The ThermoMark™ 5155 and 5255 both feature hot-dipped galvanized steel construction that is pre-painted prior to manufacturing with a two-coat system of polyester paint with a finished coat (includes primer). The inside and outside skins are roll-formed and separated with a thermal break to eliminate thermal conductance. Hinge locations have 20-gauge continuous back up plates for fastening. The bottom astragal is a two-piece bulb-type astragal to be attached to the interior skin. ThermoMark™ Models 5155 and 5255 section ends have end caps of 18-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel, and a between-section joint seal is standard.

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